November 09, 2010

Part 2 - Updates & Progress

Hello Everyone,

Finally an update to my previous postings.

I have started constructing my clock after shelving the project for two years.

I have gone the way of modular design. What that means is, that the most important items are in modular form, or compartmentalised. Basically, every section is on its own board.

I have made a simple voltage regulator for 5v (LDO).

I have made the timing circuit on a separate board, the display, on its own board, the logic on its own.

The buttons on their own board with their own MC14490 ic too.

As for the boards I used, I will mention at a latter time, since I am expecting confirmation from the manufacturer to get the OK to mention their name.

In the mean time, enjoy some early photo's. These will be published shortly.